ANK Real Estate

ANK Real Estate is an independent and Australian owned Real Estate agency providing premium specialist services to landlords, tenants, buyers and sellers across the commercial and residential property markets.

The team is a knowledgeable and informed group of professionals with a strong commitment and attitude which allows us to professionally drive negotiations to the client’s satisfaction.

Our highly trained and motivated staff support each other in a diverse environment. With ANK Real Estate’s strong network in local and international markets and in various industries, we can assure you that we will work at our most efficient and bring the best satisfaction outcomes to our client.

We collaborate with our clients to provide a comprehensive strategy that produces the optimal outcome, tailored to their requirements. We will always strive to bring the best customer service to our clients as we know that they are the reason that our business exists.

With our extensive professional network whom with we work closely to ensure that they find a property that suits the client’s specific needs and by offering a broad range of real estate services delivering strategic advice and practical solutions. We focus on building long term relationships, helping you to make educated property decisions.

We specialise in commercial tenant/buyer representatives (also known as advocates) providing end-to-end solutions for commercial clients from site acquisition to lease end and everything in between, including assistance in managing fit-out if required. We work with those looking to source properties of all sizes – no business is too big or too small to utilise our representation and advocacy services.